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Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Leave Space to Entertain-Decorate your front yard patio with a skirt of flowers or a small hedge to help it seem more intimate and enclosed -- without making an unfriendly barrier.

Front yard landscape design. Impatiens, Pansies, Lobelia for the annuals. Base  around shrubs: Barberry, Nandina, Euonymous, Lavender, Rhododendrons, Phormiums. Dappled Willow tree. []

Plan for repetition. Too many individual plants can be as overwhelming as too many colors. Using the same plant throughout the space creates a sense of rhythm. Chose one to three plants that you can use throughout the flower bed to achieve this effect.

I want these for the front of my house.

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Planting shrubs and flowers along your house can help with the curb appeal of your home.

How to Build a Planting Bed Against a House

Free front yard landscape photos, design ideas, diy grow tips, and landscape design tool online. do it yourself landscaping a front yard plan.

Beyond the Garden Gate A front yard landscaping full of grass may seem like less effort than adding ornamental plantings, but this pretty yard proves otherwise.

Landscaping Ideas for the Front Yard

Beyond the Garden Gate: Research is important when it comes to plant selection; choose hardy varieties that won't mind being close to heavily-trafficked areas, such as these daylilies lining the sidewalk.

foundation plantings

AFTER: Beautiful Front Entry. Like the boxwoods and arrangement behind them. the shape is like our front bed.

Cottage cuteness...

Reduce Your Turf - A street-side front yard flower garden adds a pocket of color and breaks up a large expanse of front lawn, creating lots of interest in just a small amount of space. Want this house

This colorful border, planted with daylilies, perennial geraniums, sedum, and other easy-growing varieties looks good all season long and is a great accent to the house:

Front-Yard Sidewalk-Garden Ideas

Front Yard Sidewalk-Garden to Make Your Yard Feel More Intimate: If your house is set back from the street and feels isolated, a pocket by bettye

I like the mixture of red, yellow and purple flowers

Front Yard Landscaping

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Less Grass -- More Flowers

Top Garden Trends for 2013

Less Grass -- More Flowers Raise your hand if youd love to never mow the lawn again! several folks are turning over their grass patches for drought-tolerant flowers in an attempt to minimize water and eliminate fertilizing.

Cottage with the white picket fence

Little Yellow Houses

front yard cottage garden with picket fence and arbor, yellow cottage with front porch and pergola overhang.

Slate and brick walkway.

A welcoming walkway. Curb appeal is crucial to make buyers excited about viewing your property. Invest in a beautiful walkway to make visitors feel welcome. traditional landscape by Verdance Fine Garden Design

Repeat Effectively  Repetition is a trick used by garden designers to create balance and cohesivess. Make your front yard stand out from the crowd by repeating pockets of color to draw your eye down a walkway or along the front of your house. Here, beautiful blue lobelia is joined by a riot of other early-blooming plants.

Front Yard Flower Gardens

Add curb appeal, brighten your entryway, and make your home more inviting with a beautiful front yard flower garden. Check out this collection of front yard flower garden ideas.

Create a Buffer!  Pack a small front yard with medium-size plants to help shield the home from street noise. Growing a variety of plants makes the yard look larger by giving your eye more textures, colors, and shapes to look at.

Front Yard Landscape Secrets

Planting colorful bloomers is a surefire way to make your yard feel more welcoming. Use bold, bright hues to create a big impact even if yo.