“Two Mescalero Apache women stand in front of their tepee – photo circa ⊕”

Tipi | ... on hides, tipi liners, cloth, in ledger books, and also on the tipi

The First Scout: Native American Culture, American Western History: Winter Counts: The Art of History

Herbert Lawrence of Siksika Nation

Weasel Calf a.a Herbert Lawrence, Blackfoot/Siksika man n. Note traditional painted lodge design and medicine bundles displayed near the tipi.

C W Carter's Cheyenne photos | www.American-Tribes.com

The tipi of Glad Road, Cheyenne, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, neg Buffalo hide tipi with female and male horse at the back. Note streamers of probably red dyed leather.

The word "teepee" comes from the Lakota language, and translates both as "they dwell" and "house." Upon first encountering these dwellings, Spanish explorer Don Juan de Onate proclaimed that they were 'built as skillfully as any house in Italy.' And although they may not be a common sight in the 21st century, their elegant design continues to impress.

Information & Facts on Teepees

Tipi in Siksika camp

A tipi in Siksika camp. Early Photo by Walter McClintock. Source - Yale Collection of Western Americana, Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library.