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33 Hilarious Yard Signs You Wish Your Neighbors Had

Love it.

Best sign for your front yard if you have anti gun neighbors. I don't have to worry about my neighbors. We all are armed :D

Chris kyle is truley an american hero! It sickens me to see how people are trying to tarnish his reputation and belittle the values that chris and many troops believe in and risk their lives for! We should all respect and give thanks to the brave men and women who serve our country and protect our freedoms, regardless of political party.

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle – The deadliest sniper the American military has ever seen. Saving of servicemen and Iraqi national’s lives during his 10 year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper.

Overkill It's A Marine Thing Humor

Why do I find this funny? While not a jarhead, I was a grunt for over a decade. It is for sure a grunt thing.