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Caravela Portuguesa / Portuguese man-o-war jelly fish. #jellyfish

the Portuguese Man-Of-War is a jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting.

Come jellyfish (it's not actually a jellyfish)

Comb Jellies consist of a mass of jelly with one layer of cells on the outside and one layer on the inside

Portugese man of war

Portuguese Man O' War (Physalia physalis), is a jellyfish-like marine invertebrate of the family Physaliidae. Its venomous tentacles can deliver a powerful sting. Also called Blue Bottles.

Caravela-portuguesa | by Alvaro Migotto. Those stinging bastards are beautiful!  (natural bokeh strings included)

Portuguese man-of-war tentacles. The Portuguese man-of-war, Physalia physalis (Siphonophorae - Physaliidae) stands out for its beauty, its deadly effectiveness, and its composition.

Wonderful nature / Medusa Jellyfish, photo by Norbert Wu on imgfave

Norbert Wu, Gossamer Jellyfish, look at that. a haute couture jellyfish. Quetzal by VisitGuatemala Beautiful little Mountain Bluebirds snugg.

Cephea cephea, Cauliflour Jellyfish - Credit:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cephea

Cauliflour Jellyfish, Cephea cephea at Marsa Shouna, Red Sea, Egypt SCUBA by Derek Keats

Jellyfish with a crab on it...

Jelly-Riding Crab Photograph by Hannah Johnson, A crab clings to its floating host as both are swept out to sea near Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. One role jellyfish play in the marine ecosystem is the transport of other animals across the ocean.

Atolla wyvillei, also known as Atolla jellyfish or Coronate medusa, is a species of deep-sea crown jellyfish. Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Jellyfish \/ Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt A most outstanding location to dive! Walls of corals and clear waters!

Top 10 Deadliest Venomous Animals

Top 10 Deadliest Venomous Animals

jellyfish the most beautiful amazing dangerous deep sea creature animal picture.