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Flavored Salts

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Holiday Food Gift Idea: Homemade Flavored Salt Is Inexpensive, Elegant, and So Easy to Make Recipes by Lauren Hendrickson on PopSugar Food

This Herby Lemon Salt is one of the most practical and multipurpose seasoning salts you can have in your cupboard. The fresh citrus brightens up everything from poultry to hummus — even fresh fruit!

Herby Lemon Salt

As the invites to BBQs, summer potlucks, and outdoor celebrations continue to roll in during the long days of summer, it is great to keep some simple hostess (or host!) gifts on hand

Розовая гималайская соль

"Модная соль": гималайская, с травами, морская. Полный гид

Variety of Flavored Salt: Chile-Lime, Mesquite-Porcini & Chipotle-Orange.

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Flavored Salts Recipe (Porcini, Smoked Paprika & Ancho, Celery, Lime-Ginger, Herbes de Provence, Curry) - Country Living

Flavored Salts

Flavored Salts Celery Salt 4 head(s) celery, leaves only 1 cup(s) fine sea salt Lime-Ginger Salt Zest of 6 limes (about cup) 3 teaspoon(s) ground ginger 1 cup(s) fine sea salt

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Homemade Food Gifts: Flavored Salt Recipes - Citrus Fennel, Lavendar Rosemary and Peppercorn. They'd be great as part of a gift basket.

Flavored Salts for Gift Giving (Recipe: Sage Rosemary Salt)

Flavored Salts for Gift Giving (Recipe: Sage Rosemary Salt) (Simple Bites)

DIY Kitchen Series: Make your own Flavored Salts!

DIY flavored salts make great holiday gifts / or maybe just rim your margarita glass with them