Repetition of birds, Asymmetry of lines, Contrast of dark birds against light sky, Rule of Thirds with sky being broken up where horizontal lines run. amarisea: touchdisky: Birds On The Wire by Faith Alexandra

my-ph0t0-review:  Way cool

Rainbows are the amazing works of nature. The fact that the rainbow in a dark sky makes it pop. Then the light from the dancer with the umbrella is bright and contrasts well with the dark background.

after the rain

Rain and dew drops are a beautiful gift from Nature. They are cold water and warm drops at the same time. In the morning walk we normally see the dew […]

happy st patricks day!

‘Tis said that Saint Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in everyone! But what IS Saint Patrick’s Day? Why the Wearing of the Green? Why celebrate?

raindrops..Oh, how I remember how much fun this was as a child,and I still do it today at almost 70 years of young.

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Who's afraid of a little rain? Red polka dotted umbrella in the rain with a little girl.


"I love watching the rain" by Caras Ionut The sound of rain upon my roof, the fresh smell it brings. Rain at the right time is a great blessing and the rainbow of God's promises.