Niall Horan is amazing.I am a Niall girl. Niall is my Irish prince. NIall is sweet, caring, happy, funny, outgoing, and just an over all great person so if Niall left One Direction I would never do anything again. He is what keeps this band on their toes and they just wouldn't be the same without Niall

I wouldnt fall on the floor crying. I'd fall on the floor dying

THIS WILL HAPPEN. This is cute.

AnnaStasia on

This will happen omg dad i will make him say these words at mine and luke hemmings wedding one day (:

Well you are...

Funny one direction imagines - Bing Images<<<<<omg harry's face lmao fetus much

We are all just kids who grew up way too fast.  X

Harry Potter - Ron Weasley - Hermione Granger - Draco Malfoy - We're all just kids who grew up too fast. Rowling's relatable writing is amazing.