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Mark Lépine shot 28 people, killing 14 women, and injuring 10 other women + 4 men. In his suicide letter, no other motive was given other than to "fight feminism". When Nathalie Provost said, "we are just women studying engineering," Lépine replied, "you're women, you're going to be engineers. You're all a bunch of feminists. I hate feminists", and killed all of the women in his class. He then proceeded to target women throughout the school before killing himself

"A memorial erected in Vancouver sparked controversy because it was dedicated to "all the women murdered by men", which critics say implies all men are potential murderers. As a result, women involved in the project received death threats[.

I have more unfinished stories than I have friends XD

I have more unfinished stories than I have friends XD<<I got into writing this year and I have scenes, just scenes not a full plot for even a tiny short story.

for any rapists out there, take note!

Sarah Silverman’s image on WhoSay - These are great- send to all the men in ur life RT 10 Rape Prevention Tips.

If you're only talking about male rape victims in a argument about female rape victims, then you don't really give a fuck about either victims, do you?

If the only time you talk about male rape survivors is when you are interrupting women and non-binary people talking about sexual assault statistics and their own experiences, don't pretend you give a shit about male rape survivors.

"privilege is being able to read all that and still roll your eyes and deny either exists"  the fact that u don't think it does just further proves this point

Sexism is when a microscopic percentage of rape accusations are fake but they are given more weight than the real incidents - both reported and unreported - and the man's potential "innocence" is prioritized over a woman's safety or right to justice.


CBS says why you shouldn't report sexual harassment: When major news companies activel promote rape culture, they need to be put out of business.

As a female, you don't owe the world to look pretty just because you exist. You don't owe that stranger on the street a smile after he catcalled you.

I also think it's worth pointing out that in some cases when feminists are conventionally attractive, they're called hypocrites.

Think about tax dollars being paid equally. Then, stop complaining.

"This is a simplification; and Beware of Simplifications. But I completely agree. I'd take an education over a mediocre meal any day, and I think society would benefit, too.

Oh dear God help us from these psychos who think it's not bad

"*yells at the top of my lungs* AN INVESTMENT? AN INVESTMENT? *inhuman shriek of rage* Is this a real hashtag?" => thats it i am so fucking done with you damn humans, i am moving to another planet and becoming an alien.

I've used "I just said that" with my mom more times than I can count. But then, we both talk a LOT.

I would also like to add "i wasn't finished" *continue talking* to this list. And also "how dare you" lol No male dominance lol

For anyone who disagrees, consider that this is how it feels to some people.

the deeply worrying thing about catcalling is that the catcaller must know their target isn't going to turn around and fall into their arms