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Get Creative with Unexpected Storage Solutions Home Office Storage Store and display small office supplies, such as paper clips and pushpins, in these hanging glass bulbs. Simply unscrew the bulb from the lid and throw in your supplies for easy storage.

I just had a thought. My craft room/office has a walk/step in closet. If I get a bunch of these to organize the smaller items and hang on a clothes rod... Instand organization! put "file labels" on the spines so I can quickly find what I need.

Craft room thread storage -easy to see and find your spools - hang on inside of door or cabinet.

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Small Shop Tips - Cheap, Easy Storage - I found a quick, cheap and easy way to store lots of little stuff like biscuits, screws, wood plugs and the like. Drill a hole in the cap of a plastic soda bottle and insert an eyebolt.

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Mason jars are super for home decorating and organizing in any season. Check out our list DIY mason jar craft projects to organize cluttered space.


DIY Craft Room Ideas and Craft Room Organization Projects - Giant Peg Board - Cool Ideas for Do It Yourself Craft Storage - fabric, paper, pens, creative tools, crafts supplies and sewing notions

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Undersink Organization - Chaos under your sink? Tame a crowd of spray bottles by installing a curtain rod across the cabinet. Suspend them by their spray triggers, and voila! Freed-up space for other bathroom or kitchen essentials.