potting shed + greenhouse

Potting Shed Greenhouse part greenhouse and part garden shed. South-facing windows give the interior light for projects and propagation. open front porch makes the shed look like a tiny house. The doors and windows allow air flow.

Greenhouse Plus Garden Shed

12 Garden Shed Plans

Greenhouse Plus Garden Shed Glass panels prove a boon when it comes time to nurture seedlings and cool-season transplants. Details such as a cupola make this pretty garden shed a welcome addition to a range of garden styles and landscapes.

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The Progressive Farmer Magazine created this pretty potting shed as part of their "Idea House and Farmstead" series. It's a great shed for gardeners and for do-it-yourself builders.

Combination Greenhouse Potting Shed

Combination Greenhouse Potting Shed. I want this, but use the potting shed side for an art studio.

orangerie inspiration

A girl can dream, can't she?

Shed and Green House

Potting Shed. Love the split door. What a great idea to join a shed and a greenhouse together. Or a greenhouse, shed, chicken coop combo.

I love little cottages- this one is green.

Not for a coop but garden shed maybe. I love the flowers! Another Chicken coop. A CHICKEN COOP!