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Hetalia - England, France, and Little America and Canada : Littles Angels ! part 4 / 5

If America and Canada had inherited England's eyebrows

APH - Eyebrows by mikokume-raie on deviantART (America and Canada discuss why they didn't inherit England's eyebrows, and thank their lucky stars)

USUK Comic: Jealous (Art Trade) by SkillsShot on @DeviantArt

Art Trade with Haha poor America doesn't fully undertstand his feelings!

Omg>>This is the real Italy right here no one can be more kawaii and awesome than him.

Hetalia starring Italy, Germany, France, and England! "I was expecting a lot…

Prussia is me when the teacher says we have homework

Prussia is me when the teacher says we have homework << Prussia is me when my mom told me to do something but I didn't quite hear her so I'm making it up as I go along<< Prussia is me when I have to wake up for school<<What is happening

one thing you and love about each other. by funkitty.deviantart.com on @deviantART <<< so adorable c:

Oh my god, I knew Roma was bluffing when he started to stifle a laugh.

Hong Kong and Mama China~

APH-Mama China by koookeees on deviantART China just got smacked in the face

This describes me perfectly. Just replace Francis with my dad, Arthur with my mom, Ivan with one of my friends, and Alfred with the world.

Replace Francis with my younger brother, Arthur with my best friend, Ivan with my teacher, and Alfred with my bullies, and that's me.

2P!Hetalia finally confirmed for Season 6! Well, we've seen Nyotalia, so why not the 2Ps?

finally confirmed for Season Well, we've seen Nyotalia, so why not…