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Tea Time! Different teas for different things

The Healing Power of Dandelion Tea

Not food related but thought it would be a good guide to get back into tea again. *A Tea Time Guide*


A Tea Drinkers Guide I drink peppermint to go to sleep. It is both relaxing and invigorating. Magic, I tell you. Take heed or not whatever suits your tea drinking habits :)

Teavana.com: The History of Tea [Infographic] Since tea was first discovered in China, it has traveled the world conquering the thirsts of virtually every country on the planet. Tea is the most popular beverage in the world as well as one of the healthiest. - If you have ever wondered where tea comes from and how we got to the point where tea is served in virtually every corner of the world, steep a hot cup of tea and explore the history of the simple tea leaf over the centuries!

The History of Tea Infographic: Tea is important in many cultures and countries. Learn more about how it became a popular commodity and drink in many countries around the world.

The Function of Vitamins and Minerals | Health and Wellness

The Function of Vitamins And Minerals

Foods You Can Eat For Better Health. Proper nutrition has a phenomenal effect on how you feel and look. A good nutrition plan is more than weight loss, as it involves the actual nutrients your

White tea offers immense health benefits. But for a long time, the white tea benefits were only known to Asians. Check out these proven benefits that will surprise you

17 Proven White Tea Benefits That Will Surprise You

El mundo del té (infografía) | La Cocina Alternativa

I disagree with the idea that shepherd's pie would be served at a fancy high tea, however . -Time for Tea: The History and Customs of High Tea [INFOGRAPHIC]

Cara menentukan warna yang cocok untuk bisnis Anda - by Teru Egawa

True Colors What do your brand colors tell you about your business? And how unique are your brand colors? Do the colors evoke the consumer response you aimed for? This infographic brings you the insight.

♥♥♥ Benefits of Rooibos Tea #rooibos

*Brenda's new favorite tea* Benefits of Rooibos Tea by The Health Ranger// It is a bushy reed-like plant, actually. The tea is only red if the leaves were dried and fermented, otherwise it is green.

6 Fat-Burning Foods For Winter

Metabolism boosting foods - eat more of these! Actually eat all of these . then, if you have any room left over, eat processed foods.