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Beautiful Female Lion ❤ HD Desktop Wallpaper for

The Write Monkey: Song of the Lioness

The Write Monkey: Song of the Lioness


Such a beautiful creature

if you ever look up and see this..well, you're probably about to die.

Charging Lions Bob Marley And Being Strong Make The Choice and other trending products for sale at competitive prices.


God invites us: Daughters, look at the lioness. Watch her closely. Let her awaken your untamed nature, your fierce beauty, and your unbridled strength so you can rise up and be the courageous women I have called you to be.

Gifs de los buenos - Taringa!

Gifs de los buenos

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Im tired from being kicked around and those trying to take advantage of me ! Im fighting and concurring! Everything else will get sorted out!

If you kick me when I'm down, you better pray I don't get up. I bite harder than you know.

Full Moon in Leo

"I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful and too determined to be defeated" by fibromyalgia.

Behind every great man stands no woman .There is no greater man than the man that can acknowledge the woman standing right next to him .

Love this goute

This will be me the first time anyone ever messes with my kid.

Joshua "This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Seven times He tells us to Be strong and do not fear.

♡ butterfly spirit ♡

make your woman your priority, let her be your queen! This is who I am to my Man Te Amo Daddy💋❤️💋

Lioness Arise! ❤️ it.

Love this picture that Lisa Bevere shared this morning! I still need to read Lioness Arising!

Because the world will NEVER be fair.

If you expect the world to be fair with you because you are fair, you’re fooling yourself. That’s like expecting the lion not to eat you because you didn’t eat thim.


"You'll never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice" - Bob Marley.

Ás vezes eu queria que eu pudesse agir com todo mundo, mas eu não posso me mudar.

Kailee/Jayten (hero) book two

Beautiful Creatures (2013) - First TV Spot

Beautiful Creatures (2013) - First TV Spot

Music by Alice Englert to Beautiful Creatures Soundtrack Pulling a thread on through The fabric in my head But is it how so How I fear what I make And I so w.