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Yiddish ad for Murad Turkish cigarettes.

старинная реклама пива

These vintage Russian beer advertisements come from pre-Soviet times, when there was still beer.

Fatherland! You lighted the star of progress and peace. Glory to the science, glory to the labor! Glory to the Soviet regime! Propaganda posters of Soviet space program 1958-1963

Fatherland You lighted the star of progress and peace. Glory to the science glory to the labor Glory to the Soviet regime - USSR Space Propaganda

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FROM RUSSIA WITH ART Gallery has recently acquired a limited number of interesting Soviet vintage propaganda posters, covering a vari.

За власть Советов! [Здание Главного Штаба],   Бегишишев В.И., художник  1961  СССР, Ленинград  Издательство "Художник РСФСР"

" 7 November postcard (celebrating October Revolution of Artist: V.

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A collection of old colorful posters of transport advertising in Russia in the early century

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Because of the absence of many men who either joined the military or took jobs in war production industries, some women moved outside their traditional roles and took positions in jobs usually reserved for men.

Women of World War II at Work in Offices and Factories

Victory Waits on Your Fingers www.gov Public Domain WWII posters, founding documents, etc