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Voyage d’Hermes. In Moebius was hired by fragrance company Hermès to create nine illustrations for a new line called Voyage d’Hermes.

Juxtapoz Magazine - Once again appreciating... Moebius

Once again appreciating... Moebius

Jean Giraud aka Moebius aka the greatest comic artist of all time died this morning. Even if you're not a comic book fan you're probably aw.

Moebius - Le Monde D’Edena, Tome 6: Les Réparateurs, Casterman, 2001.

“ Moebius - Le Monde D’Edena, Tome Les Réparateurs, Casterman, ”

Jean Giraud aka Moebius My ultimate dreamweaver, a fount of inspiration since I was eleven!

Jean -Moebius- Giraud “ Alien Designs For “The Abyss” ” Source (vía MONSTER BRAINS: Moebius - Alien Designs For The Abyss) Source Wikipedia (Pleased, fon’t remove the authorship of the.

Moebius - 1986 Exhibition “Cristaux fous” (Crazy Crystals) - Strasbourg (France)

Moebius - 1986 Exhibition “Cristaux fous” (Crazy Crystals) - Strasbourg (France)

Moebius – Ilustraciones

Moebius – Ilustraciones

Passing of another great talent - Jean Henri Gaston Giraud aka Moebius


Love this scene by Moebius from the 1983 "Futurs Magiques I'm guessing aliens landing on Earth to retrieve some lost device. Love the colours and dreaminess.

Moebius:  Venice Without Water

Jean Giraud, an enduring figure in European comics whose fantasy and sci-fi work — which he signed with his alias, Moebius — deeply infl.