Abandoned Beauty ...

I always wonder what the story is behind old abandoned houses. This had to have been a nice house back when it was first built. I just start thinking about the families that lived there and wonder why someone eventually just let the house go to ruin :(

"A	Little Church in the Wildwood" by Landra...near Seiverville, TN

Abandoned Old West Amusement Park Adirondack Park album. I know this says it was an amusement park, but it looks like an old church to me.

Abandoned and yet still so majestic and regal.  The artwork and architecture are simply magnificent.  Sadly, the photographer does not say where this was taken.

Why has this amazing building been left? Is it a church? a library? a manor house? Abandoned Buildings by Matthias Haker

fineartwomen: “ colorel11: “ © Phoelixde Beelitz ” #art #beautiful #figure…

Beelitz, Germany, by phoelixde Deviantart. This is one of the places where The Pianist, Valkyrie and a Rammstein video were shot

*sighs* I need to go on an abandoned house hunt.

Northcraft House (by Rodney Harvey) n 1896 William and Eliza Northcraft owned this house. Before that William Young owned a log cabin here. “Bill” was hung in here from an overhead beam to a gate at.

House in Monterey, IN

Just give me a beautiful abandoned house. I will restore it and love it. It's too sad to see beautiful homes go to wrack and ruin.Too beautiful to let ruin!