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Superheros waiting for a job to show up

A Multi-Universe Lunch Time Marvel DC comics crossover Captain Americs Iron Man Batman Wolverine Deadpool the Hulk the Flash Superman

Superhero formulas

Pop Culture Mathematics - What an ART

Take away love and you're a super awesome billionaire hero. Add a physical item and your a super awesome lovable hero.

Imagenes de DC comics: batman, superman, linterna verde, etc

Imagenes de DC comics: batman, superman, linterna verde, etc

Amo muito tudo isso.

TheRetroInc on Etsy

As a primarily Marvel fan, it bothers me SO MUCH when crafts and t-shirts have a Superman emblem between Iron Man and Captain America, or Batman between Spiderman and The Hulk. Two words: Separate! -- I agree with this but I'm a DC fan

Fotógrafo cria sessão de fotos superengraçada com super-heróis de brinquedo (20 fotos)

Toy photographer Hrjoe has taken a wonderful series of photos that capture Marvel superhero action figures in all sorts of funny, offbeat situations.

Cartoon X-Men

Dear Marvel Comics: Hire this guy for your next X-Men cartoon. Love: Rob (X-Men Lineup Compiled by *AmericanNinjaX)

Awesome Fan Art Featuring Tom Hardys Bane From The Dark Knight Rises Battling Venom

Bane vs Venom: Wrestling Addiction by ~PTimm on deviantART - Marvel vs DC, gotta love Deadpool giving the rabbit ears!

Conoce la fascinante historia de Deadpool - Batanga

Conoce la fascinante historia de Deadpool


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