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Charon the ferryman. He ferries the souls of the newly dead across the river Acheron for a fee. ~Lilliandra

soldier’s death // voltuzaidi “Charon (Χαρων) was the son of the primordial Gods Erebus (God of Darkness) and Nyx (Goddess of Light). The name Charon means ‘fierce brightness’ in Greek, and the.

Evil Entity...

Evil Entity…

"Whatever is flowing out from our consciousness, that which is going forth in secret, is being shown to the world in outward manifestation" -Joel S.

According to legend, Hermes was born in a cave on Mount Cyllene in Arcadia. Zeus had impregnated the nymph Maia at the dead of night while the gods slept. Hermes is the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, literature and athletics, and known for his cunning and shrewdness. Most importantly, he is the messenger of the gods. Besides that he was also a minor patron of poetry. He was worshiped throughout Greece and festivals in his honor were called Hermoea.

"Hermes - the messenger of Gods"Hermes was lighting fast in ancient Greek Mythology.Aphrodite 's son

Mount Olympus from "God of War"concept art

Mount Olympus

Some of the first stories I ever heard were tales of the gods and goddesses of Greek and Roman mythology. - now this is a castle

gods of egypt film anubis - Google-Suche

“ for I did these designs through Legacey Fx. Great company and phenomenal team of artists." Original poster said this not me