Steampunk Sculpture - Airship Beholder Robot - Relic From CatherinetteRings

STEAMPUNK AIRSHIP. #steampunk #steampunkart

The Steampunk Tribune: Airship Month: What type of airship best represents the Steampunk ideal?

Steampunk word processor.  It really works and I want it!

Steampunk Mac uses a 140 year old typewriter and a Classic Apple Mac make a steampunk computer. The Morse Code telegraph key has een converted into a mouse!

Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

Sir Spudnik is Mr Potato Heads victorian counterpart, featuring a unique steampunk design, making one of the coolest steampunk mods we have seen this year.

Steampunk Angler Fish

Steampunk Angler Fish from Photos of Nike CEO Mark Parker's office.

It's a 'Whatcha MaCallit'!

This giant sculpture of gears, springs, and pulleys is a giant corkscrew made from 250 “found” objects. Its purpose is to uncork a wine bottle and then pour a glass of wine. See it in action here. (via Spectacular Huge Corkscrew Art by Rob Higgs)

doctormonocle: Platoonia (by Robin E. Kaplan via

Pontoonia Skybase Steampunk Airship illustration by the Gorgonist on Etsy. Another great original piece from this artist, now with a greater focus on the emerging balloon technology.

The Steampunk Page | Rubbish In, Robish Out!

Just A Car Guy : Dan Jones' steampunk Tinkerbots display at the San Diego Auto Museum's Steampunk exhibit