Steampunk Beholder Robot, Dungeons and dragons, dnd miniature, monster figurine, fantasy sculpture

Steampunk working engine.

with steam-turbine plant it's a desk set :)

Little Steampunk Robot in Glass Dome by on @deviantART

This piece is already sold but i'm currently making new ones , each are different. Check out more steampunk sculptures in my Etsy shop : www. Little Steampunk Robot in Glass Dome


What is it about USB steampunk flash drives? Am I the only one with a keen interest in showing off these hand crafted USB drives?

Amazing Steampunk Clock by proteamundi

The artist is Eric Freitas … clock maker, tattoo designer, painter-artist. Very talented young man (Would make an epic tattoo!



SteamPunk Crab!

Steampunk Musical Spider Robot Sculpture with Taxidermy Glass Eye and Spring driven musical box -- ca. 1960 -- Frère Jacques by Daniel Proulx of CatherinetteRings.

~ Triunial Magic Lantern ~ "This item was the precursor to projectors. Light is projected through slides to project images."

Very rare Victorian Triunial Magic Lantern. The precursor to the slide projector. Light was projected through slides to show the images.


Early Edison bipolar 6 wing Circa 1892 - what a stunning antique electric fan!

I'm in love with Steampunk Charlie.

I'm in love with Steampunk Charlie.--the forks make perfect wings at this scale