like her silver tray serving style

This is when to use your silver tray or teapots, clean and sparkling.and perhaps a bowl or vase of peonies or country roses.lacy paper napkins on plates and trays, linen napkins or fancy paper napkins wrapped around real plastic cutlery!

Montar una mesa o buffet de frutas para fiesta resulta realmente fácil si se usan recipientes de cristal para colocar estas ya listas y pic...

10 buenas ideas para buffets de frutas usando recipientes de cristal.


This is the buffet for the bridal party. We have huge strawberries and assorted fruit, canapes, cheese and a big beautiful red velvet cake and plenty of champagne!


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Adorna tu boda con este tip ideal. Recrea el estílo francés en tu gran día. #boda #decoración

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What a beautiful presentation; I love the effect of the fern around the silver!

Blackberry rich in antioxidants, vitamin A and C provides better digestive health, strengthens immune defense, prevents cancer, boosts skin health and improves memory.