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DIY: How to make a paracord knife wrap

Outside of the turks head knot variants, there are few techniques that are appropriate for making paracord knife wraps. I found an image of a knife wrap that David Hopper made. It was a recreation of an old sword wrapping technique

Stop the Bleeding (This diagram could save someone's life!): "Where to Pinch to Stop the Bleeding" – life hacks #1606 via 1000 Life Hacks

It’s the EMT in me… This diagram could save someone’s life!there’s nothing about stopping the gushing from my lady parts! Now THAT would save someone’s life!

9 of the best Antibiotics and the reasons:  Ciprofloxacin – Best for things like urinary tract infections, prostate ...

Good suggestions, but Doxycycline , Azithromycin and Erythromycin are all VERY similar. In a class called macrolides, I'd pick just one ( Doxy or Azithro). But I would add Augmentin to my stockpile, it has better coverage for animal bites

DIY Medieval Crossbow From PVC Homesteading  - The Homestead Survival .Com     "Please Share This Pin"

DIY Medieval Crossbow From PVC Build your own medieval crossbow from pvc pipe. The crossbow is a unique weapon that is actually is a combi.

Prepare Your Family for Survival: How to Be Ready for Any Emergency or Disaster Situation

Prepare Your Family for Survival by Linda Loosli From the back cover: this is a unique beginner resource and advanced storage guide to get your family totally prepared for the unexpected.

Want to know how to make your own bows? Check out our new bow making course!  Must See: Don't Let the Looks Fool You. This ISN’T Just Another Pretty Blade… Take a Peek!  Weapon making is one of the most essential survival skills, and bow making is a fun and useful way to

How to Make a Bow

Want to know how to make your own bows? Check out our bow making course and learn to make your own bows, or check out our offer for the new Stealth TacBow.