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*dies laughing* (Does that mean America knows when the states start fucking around and being dicks to each other ?

I don't forget Seborga, even though I know nothing about him, but still call Feliciano and Lovino the Italy brothers.  *shrug*

Ngh, to be honest the three of them being one country kind of frustrates me, but whatever, I'll just have to fucking deal with it XD >>> I don't really consider Seborga a part of the family, I think of him as a background character.

KenDieCry Moments- ok WAIT!!!!!!!! when did this happen????? i need to find this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is just pure humor! ~Kat I have to agree this one was funny ~Kit

Someone finally noticed Canada, himself.

Hetalia+vs.+Satw+by+Mirudan.deviantart.com+on+@deviantART- .... America....

The Satw Germany looks so dissapointed in him self. And look at both Americas, they are having a really intense staring contest. I guess they are both competitive either way.

*cries* I cannot see why people cannot see so much pain Russia a.k.a. van had to go through... It makes me sympathize with him a little (too bad I know e can be a little bit creepy at the same time as well but when I think about it I can see why he had became like that)

*This is making me so sad.* aw this is so touching and beautifully written all at the same time :')<<<*creates portal to hetalia**runs to hug Russia**Hugs Russia*

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I am thankful for having free time on my hands for people to do dis I applaud ye

I am thankful for having free time on my hands for people to do dis I applaud ye>>>> i applaud as well