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Yes this is so true for any recovery. 90 & Sponsor, work and apply the steps and get back to mainstream life. Thank you God "Amen"

Addiction is a disease of "more." To keep from unleashing the physical craving over and over again, the key is to not engage in the behavior. Once the first opportunity to use, drink, gamble, etc., has been successfully avoided, the addict has won that battle. Keep dodging that first bullet. Better yet, stay away from the war zone!

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Fighting for your life is hard to do alone so contact 12 step recovery programs for help!

12 step recovery programs were initially created for those suffering with an addiction to alcohol.

You are not alone. Dealing with drug/substance abuse is not easy. At Starlite Recovery Center (TX), we have helped thousands of people overcome addiction for over 50 years. Together we can change your life for the better.  Go to our website to begin recovery today.

A Recovered Life is all about living an authentic, fulfilling life. It's about hope. It's about courage. It's about freedom. It's about recovery. I am an eating disorder survivor and activist who believes in FULL recovery, for EVERYONE.