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I've got so much love to strategically withhold. #memes #humor #love

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One of these days sister

" I think she misjudged my feminist stance and my advances towards her . It was just a " an as grab " . No offense really.

Comic Girls Say.. " Maybe he really could like me as Much als I like him.. Oh Could he? Could hè?" #comic #vintage #popart

Comic Girls Say. " Maybe he really could like me as Much als I like him.

"If Only You Could Live With Being Lonely"......sadly, Brad didn't know he wasn't  the Only Gay in the Village. Awwwww. Funny Vintage Comic Book Art.

His guilt over " Nocturnal Emissions " was getting the best of poor Pete Pumperpuss . the Church elders continued to harass him on the subject being the town Dry Cleaner . His pant stains were the worst in all the town.

Comic Girls Say. " Cash only "  #popart #comic

Ravishing Rouge Retrography

That's why beards are bad for you.

The 6 Most Pointless Supervillain Schemes Ever Hatched

Eat quick and extinguish your burning beard before you come to grief!