Comic Girls Say.." I look horrible " #comic #vintage

Lady Penelope says " Girl mmm, you look bad . We need hair extensions, a weave. Paint them damn nails, a face tattoo and a welfare card to finance it all. " Lacey" Crackleberry " Creek instead opted to change her dress and bath .

That's why beards are bad for you.

The 6 Most Pointless Supervillain Schemes Ever Hatched

Eat quick and extinguish your burning beard before you come to grief!

One of these days sister

" I think she misjudged my feminist stance and my advances towards her . It was just a " an as grab " . No offense really.

Comic Girls Say.. " Maybe he really could like me as Much als I like him.. Oh Could he? Could hè?" #comic #vintage #popart

Comic Girls Say. " Maybe he really could like me as Much als I like him.

Comic Girls Say.. " New clothes, a whole day at the beauty parlor, and he... he doesn't even notice me ! " #Vintage #Comic #Pop Art

Do comix imitate life or the other way around? My mother really said that very thing to me as my father, then a bachelor, left the xmas party.

Oh go on. Try it. You may enjoy it. Maybe on the weekends?

Insert one of oh so many double entendres here. Mr Feastingonroadkill would have had hours of fun with this on comically vintage.

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Handling harassment, (from PLANET COMICS) retro vintage comic book pop art