A Collection Of Amazing Staircase Design Ideas : Awesome Unravelling Sculptural Element Curved Staircase Design with Wooden Steps and Railing

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metal spiral staircase, filigree stairs - walking down these in heels is a challenge, I say this with experience.but hey, pretty! wonderland?

Phare de l'île vierge, Bretagne France (stairs of lighthouse of Vierge Island) / shades of turquoise

superhypermost: Stairs as installation art...

Inspiration Interior ~ Glorious Modern Staircase Assorted Style And Design Collection: Deliberate Artwork Wall Panelling With Fake Wood Steps Modern Staircase As Well As White Wall Painted In Contemporary Interior Decors Views

Bluespiral stairs against a yellow wall

COMPLEMENTARY: This is an example of complementary colors in an interior space. The wall surrounding the stairs is yellow, and the stars themselves are purple. Yellow and purple are complementary colors.

Built ins are easy and inexpensive when working with cob/adobe/earthship..etc and even remodeling projects.  #cob#interiordesign#limewash

Built-in storage shelves are easy and inexpensive when working with cob/adobe/earthship.etc and even remodeling projects.

Keyboard, what would make this one more interesting is that each key would play a note

What a funny idea! The easiest way to learn how to play the piano is step by step. Playing your first scale is exactly the same like climbing up the stairs.

Art Nouveau uma cadeira desde 1900 montanhas francesas.  Art Nouveau cadeira, c. 1900, a partir das regiões montanhosas da França.

SO BEAUTIFUL! Unusual hand-carved antique French Art Nouveau sculptural chair from the Mountain Region of France in excellent original condition. The wood species cannot be identified but is probably fruitwood. Seat height is France circa 1900

Feast Your Eyes: Statement Stairs | Apartment Therapy

Feast Your Eyes: Statement Stairs

Art Nouveau Inspiration-Designed by Atmos Studio as part of a larger project, the stairs take on a life of their own as they appear to wind, twist, and turn all over the place.

Marble staircase in Gorky House.

One of my favorite houses in Moscow .This Art Nouveau Marble Staircase. Inside Maxim Gorky's home in Moscow, one of the Soviet era's most important authors. He was rewarded with this stunning house, which has been preserved as a museum.

Stunning photograph of spiral stairs in the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Vancouver.

Spiral out.keep going Taken at BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver Canada. The DNA staircase reminds me of Lateralus by Tool, one of the best damn songs in the universe.

Love the staircase, rock wall, and glass banister

Love the contrast of log structure with the ultra contemporary staircase and massive stone wall. Okanagan Log Home - rustic - staircase - calgary - Sticks and Stones Design Group Inc