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A Conversation Between Life and Death: Life asked Death, "Death, why do people love me, but hate you?" Death responded, "Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth." I love this so much.

Toby Allen's Real Monsters | The monsters we fight with. [Psychology - Illustration - Character Design]

The monsters we fight with. (Click to enlarge)

OMG I LOVE THE MONSTERS ! Everyone has monsters looming behind them, tugging at their hair, covering their eyes with their ghastly claws or just barely touching your shoulders.

Ignore the 99% or 1% part. Honeslty, it's your choice if you wanna share and that % thing is pretty annoying if you ask me cuz maybe sometimes we don't wanna share it or maybe we do. It's your choice in the end. I'm sharing because I wanna share it and wanna spread awareness I guess. You're choice not theirs... but know this, I'm always here if you ever want to talk about anything. There's always someone out there that cares no matter how many people you think don't.

people just need to stopbullying people every time i here of being bullied at school i cry Repost to stop Bullying!

This is so sad, and touching. I just saw it and had to repin. A MUST SEE -- Your Suicide by ~linnyxito on deviantART:

This is beautiful. I'm in tears right now. There is always hope. Life gets better.>>>>> Everyone should read this.>>>this isnt a fandom thing, just my most popular board. Please read dis.

'm fine. Save me. The signs are there if you read them. Help us save a life before it's too late. Call 1800-2214444.

Depression Awareness Ads Reveal Cry For Help When Viewed Upside Down. We always tell people what they want to hear secretly hoping they will see the truth under the pain.

True Equality

True Equality

This is feminism. We are not all 'man haters'. We are not all extremists. Feminism may start with 'Fem' but it's purpose is gender equality. Not only for one gender but for all of them. The sexism that hurts women, also hurts men.

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they walk amongst us.....

He was a human being. Not a monster. That's what's so scary. that human beings are capable of things far worse than our imaginary monsters.