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The Simpsons – Treehouse of Horror Poster by Dave Perillo

The Simpsons - Treehouse of Horror Poster by Dave Perillo (Onsale Info

We loved The Simpsons and we even love more it’s Treehouse of Horror episodes and today we have a brilliant fan made poster to tribute it. Dave Perillo designed this beauty, tribute to the Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror.

#粤绣:广东地区刺绣品的总称。主要有衣饰、挂屏、褡裢、屏心、团扇、扇套等绣品。在艺术上,粤绣构图繁密热闹,色彩富丽夺目,施针简约,绣线较粗且松,针脚长短参差,针纹重叠微凸。常以凤凰、牡丹、松鹤、猿、鹿以及鸡、鹅为题材。粤绣的另一类名品是钉金绣,金碧辉煌,气魄浑厚。#GuangdongEmbroidery #YueXiu #中国四大名绣 #FourMajorEmbroideryStyles #非物质文化遗产 #IntangibleCulturalHeritage

#粤绣:广东地区刺绣品的总称。主要有衣饰、挂屏、褡裢、屏心、团扇、扇套等绣品。在艺术上,粤绣构图繁密热闹,色彩富丽夺目,施针简约,绣线较粗且松,针脚长短参差,针纹重叠微凸。常以凤凰、牡丹、松鹤、猿、鹿以及鸡、鹅为题材。粤绣的另一类名品是钉金绣,金碧辉煌,气魄浑厚。#GuangdongEmbroidery #YueXiu #中国四大名绣 #FourMajorEmbroideryStyles #非物质文化遗产 #IntangibleCulturalHeritage

A country sunrise.

The one taller flower and halo of setting sun keep this picture from looking messy by giving the eye somewhere to go In Joyful Anticipation of Warmer Days by Philipp Klingler Photography - Wisselsheim, Hessen, Germany.

French animator Frédéric Vayssouze-Faure explores complicated mathematical concepts through short animations he publishes on a Tumblr called Wavegrower.

Minimalism & Multitude: The Swarming Animated GIFs

wavegrowerFrédéric Vayssouze-Faure (wavegrower), into the wave, 2016

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Academy Awards Staging and Lighting Presenters Michael Douglas and Jane Fonda on stage. Academy Awards and the Oscars

Sous les pavés...le ciel de Paris !

I think this one looks amazing because it captures the sky in the reflection of the puddle. And it's even better because the sky is the perfect blue for the color of the puddle!

Light sculptures created by making incisions into the structure of a house to capture and manipulate sunlight.  Whoa.

Trace Heavens / Light installations by artist James Nizam

Throwing you a ball of light. I want you to always shine. ~ETS (Trace Heavens light installations by artist James Nizam Drill Holes Through Studio Wall,

"Comin' up a cloud...."

Things people miss about Oklahoma when they move ~ A Good Storm. A windmill and supercell storm in Leedey, Oklahoma, USA.

Beautiful and Soft Impressionism Paintings (19)

30 Beautiful And Soft Impressionism

Artist: Andre Kohn {contemporary red figurative female woman posterior back texture painting}

suspended light line drawing

Light Installations

FIRMAMENT Henry Urbach Architecture Gallery New York, New York Linnea Tillet Lebbeus Woods, architect Kiki Smith, artist