love this hair color

Long grey hair - if it is taken care of it can look very beautiful. The key is to avoid straggly long hair which simply makes you look older and out of date. If you keep your hair long, you must take care of it.

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Belgian model Marlies--want this as my next hair style. Not too far from what I have, but I do need a trim

Sarah Harris - Long gray hair is her trademark. Lovely!

How to Flaunt Gray Hair Like a Celebrity

Grey locks.

White Hair Inspiration - White hair is VERY in and we don’t think this trend is going anywhere anytime soon. You can add ombre or balayage or go for a bold.

Adding cool tones to make transition easier More

Blonde highlights for gray hair - here's a good idea to camouflage gray hair with blonde/gray-ish highlights. Upkeep would be easier if the highlights are more "grey" than blonde so not as noticeable when roots grow out.

Gorgeous gray hair

Gorgeous gray hair, I hope my hair looks like this. Mine will be more silver but this is gorgeous

? Proverbs 16:31 ? White hair is a crown of glory, if it is found in the way of righteousness.

Grey is Beautiful … or is it?

Who could argue her beauty, even more so with grey hair? There is nothing more attractive than self confidence and self worth, knowing who you are and of course your talent. (In the picture: Writer Annika Von Holdt.