Chestnut-capped Puffbird, Bucconidae macrodactylus, northwestern S.A.

Chestnut-capped Puffbird, Bucconidae macrodactylus, northwestern S.

hornero-bird-building-nest ~ these birds go get dirt, muddy it with their saliva and that's how the nest is made.

Don’t mind me, just building my house

Even Birds build cob homes! hornero-bird-building-nest Building a new home?

Cucaburra común (Dacelo novaeguineae). Se encuentra en Australia

Blue Winged Kookaburra is on the endangered list,but there seems to be plenty around

Who says I'm overweight?

cute baby chick bird angry grumpy i am fierce animal funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos lol

Whiskered Treeswift, Hemiprocne comata: Brunei/ Indinesia/ Malaysia/ Myanmar/ the Philippines/ Singapore/ Thailand

Whiskered Treeswift hemiprocne comata is a species of bird in the hemiprocnidae family it is found in Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Myanmar the Philippines Singapore and Thailand

Ocellated Ant Bird

Ocellated Antbird (Phaenostictus mcleannani) at the Arenal Observatory Lodge in Costa Rica. Photo by Bob Gress