South African national flower - The Protea

King Protea (Protea cynaroides) It is a distinctive member of Protea, having the largest flower head in the genus. The species is also known as giant protea, honeypot or king sugar bush.

Hoya is a genus of 200-300 species of tropical plants in the Dogbane family. Native to Asia, Polynesia, New Guinea, and Australia, Hoya are popular houseplants in temperate areas (especially H. carnosa) bc of their attractive foliage and strongly scented flowers. They grow well indoors and prefer bright light. Easy to propagate and has been found to be an excellent remover of pollutants in the indoor environment (Wikipedia)

Hoya is a genus of species of tropical plants in the Dogbane family…

Flores moradas de forma corazón | Purple, heart-shaped flowers

Hearts in Nature: A Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

Those dry, shaded spots in your yard don't have to be barren. Rely on these easy-care perennials to add color and interest to shady areas.

Tough-as-Nails Perennials to Grow in Dry Shade

Pictured is the Winter Thriller Irish Ruffles Hellebore // The Best New Shade Perennials for Electrify the darkest corners of your landscape with shade-loving perennial flowers. Here are some of our top picks for By Doug Jimerson and Karen Weir-Jimerson

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Hoya mindorensis, is another unique plant with a distinctively colorful and uniquely-shaped flower. This beautiful plant is native to the Philippines, specifically in the island province of Mindoro.

Love these variegated Pelargoniums ("geraniums"), they look like watercolors....

Love these variegated Pelargoniums (geraniums).go well with black plants & flowers in the Garden


Blue Garden Plants List - Too bad they Added Extra Saturation: Not necessary. (And I can tell by the greens that these have been enhanced.) Plants, like women, look better without Face Enhancements!