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Red-Capped Mangabey (Collared Mangabey) - Cercocebus torquatus - This Old World monkey is of the family Cercopithecidae. It is found in coastal, swamp, mangrove and valley forests, from western Nigeria, east and south into Cameroon, throughout Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Gabon-Congo Atlantic shore border

144 monkeys at risk in Calabar, Nigeria :: babybaboons - Red-Capped Mangabeys

I completely understand and can relate to this.

What Your College Dorm Posters Said About You

The Tip of the Iceburg, Ralph A Clevenger - The image is a composite of four different photos: the iceberg top was shot in Antarctica; the iceberg bottom was shot in Alaska (and was taken above the water); and the sky and water shots are from California.

OMG....looking nice  but don't know how much destruction this had caursed

Krakatoa volcano Eruption, Indonesia, 2011 Bucket list item: watch a volcano erupt!

martian animal herd running together like a pack of cattle like here on earth

The image above is truly one of the most bazarre I have seen yet. It looks like a herd of wierd critters moving across a Martian plain. Malin's caption calls them "Defrosting north polar dunes" Mars 26 - Martian Anomaly Collection

Mount Fuji Lenticular Clouds    Such extraordinary cloud formations are the result of high velocity or jet stream winds being forced over a barrier or mountain. The resultant laminar flow causes the air to move in wave-like layers. Waves develop above the mountain and on the leeward side. If the air contains sufficient moisture, characteristic standing-wave lenticular clouds will form.

Funny pictures about The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan. Oh, and cool pics about The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan. Also, The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Setting the students on fire…

are you sure you're not a firebender? <<< she’s a firebending master teaching her students the ways of firebending

Super massive black hole

Astronomers find supermassive black hole blasting molecular gas at miles per hour from a galaxy - Hubble Space Telescope image of the central part of galaxy IC

Human Cortical Neuron (Brain Cell) on Glial Cells--showing interconnecting dendrites.

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On pense avoir tout vu dans les manuels scolaires.Et pourtant, quelques trésors photographiques, véritables témoins de leur époque, restent malheureusement oubliés. On vous propose donc de découvrir (ou de re...

19 photos historiques, que peu de personnes ont vues, et qui vont vous étonner : la 12 donne le vertige !

35 #Facts About #Space That Will Blow Away Your Freaking Mind - Youth Connect #SpaceFacts

Solar System Scale: Third Stone from the Sun, We Are! The Sun Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune

Solar eclipse seen from earth's orbit

Photography inspiration

Solar eclipse, as seen from Earth’s orbit This is just too awe inspiring. This is in my "Places to Go" because some day I do wish to travel way up there and behold such sights as this.

Stellar Snowflake Cluster Newborn stars, hidden behind thick dust, are revealed in this image of a section of the Christmas Tree Cluster from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope. The newly revealed infant.


♥ Nebula and Stars in Universe [Space Future…