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Pillars of Hercules at the Rock of Gibraltar

Pillars of Hercules at the Rock of Gibraltar

Recently the Spanish Rafael de la Hoz Architects completed the 'Torres de Hercules' in Cadiz. The tower symbolize the legendary Pillars of Hercules and on the facade- a giant lattice- appears the mythical motto, "Non Plus Ultra" (Nothing Further Beyond), warning sailors in the Mediterranean of the edge of the known world.

thekhooll: Torres de Hercules by Rafael de La-Hoz The Spanish architectural firm of Rafael de La-Hoz, designed the Torres de Hercules. The two cylindrical white towers are located in the Bay of Algeciras in Southern Spain.

Another shot of the Strait of Gibraltar, only this one showcases one of the "Pillars of Hercules" with Gibraltar in the foreground and North Africa in the background.  According to Plato, Atlantis was beyond the Pillars.

De Zuilen van Hercules Gibraltar en Ceuta - Pillars of Hercules - Wikipedia

Tarifa, Estrecho de Gibraltar. Strait of Gibraltar - Pillars of Hercules - Wikipedia

Inspection trips to The Fitness Sanctuary - Tarifa, Spain – Winter 2014

A copy of Tabula Peutingeriana, the oldest known Roman map of northwest Africa (300 AD).

Pillars Hercules Peutingeriana - Modern conjectural depiction of the lost western section of the Tabula Peutingeriana, showing a representation of the Pillars of Hercules (Columne Ercole).

Gibraltar: Pillar of Hercules and St Michael's Cave - Pin the World Travel

Gibraltar: Pillar of Hercules and St Michael's Cave - Pin the World Travel

**Atlantis**was a large island in the Atlantic Ocean which lay in front of the mouth of the pillars of Hercules (straits of Gibraltar). Their inhabitants became a spiritually ugly race and for that reason Zeus and the God tries to destroyed them by letting the island be swallowed up by the sea. Atlantis was ruled by a confederation of 10 kings and its power extended over Libya as far as Egypt and over Europe as far as Tuscany. ...

Satan’s Counterfeit Matrix-PT18/Israel vs. Rome/Egypt/Atlantis