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Photos: Quotes about family and children - Family is one of the most important things in life. Here are some quotes we love about both family and children!

Kyra Weier Dustin Weier

Most importantly I want my Children and Grand-Children to remember to keep the LORD as the guide in their life. Then, I want my Children and Grand-Children to go further, do better, achieve more than I could have dreamed.


this is to my beautiful daughter Hannah. couldn't have said it better. she is my precious daughter, my fun fun friend, my rock many times, my role model most of all. I love you daughter.

Love this

Newspaper Hat - little boy photo idea. incorporate into Cooper's photo shoot?

At 6...she knows the hugs and cuddles are just as important to me as they are to her.  I never miss an opportunity now, and I never will.  My little girl is my whole world.

Children are an ever changing force, appreciate them, acknowledge and adore the small annoyances.

Love my sons

i never thought i would be a mommy but now i have the best lil man int he world and a baby girl on the way and i love every minute of being a mommy

Als je haar maar goed zit. Chelsea en Nancy.

Lol I love my mom she my mom by chance and my best friend by choice. I will always let her into my life my feelings and love even if she's my stalker I love you tons mom you are amazing! I love you!


As long as the good Lord allows mommy to be here then I will be sure to help in any way I can for my 2 baby boys and my baby girl until the good Lord takes me away.

Mom quote-How I feel about my unborn daughter. I haven't met her yet, but I love her oh so much!

"Love is blind because my mother started loving me before seeing my face." So true! Unconditional love is the only kind of love.

Joseph B. Wirthlin

Every parent and grandparent should remember this! Nothing exposes our true selves more than how we treat one another in the home.

Let your kids suffer for their consequences once in a while. It makes them stronger.

5 quotes and thoughts from the book Smart Money Smart Kids by Dave Ramsey and Rachel Cruze. The way we handle money and teach our kids about money does effect their future.

DUH RENFAIRE BOI! You wanted me to hate you? Wish Granted! 凸(Д゚#)

DUH RENFAIRE BOI! You wanted me to hate you? Wish Granted! 凸(Д゚#)