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They can't be apart for more than a few minutes let alone a week

Is he Dan ? Is Phil really a grown man ? Are either of you grown men ? I think both of y'all are just giant toddlers<<< no they're both 6 foot 3 twelve year old boys

Phil would sell more.

Guys this actually makes me really sad because Phil put on a brave face even though that probably hurt. I mean Dan got a poster. Everyone always hates on Phil and I feel so bad for him. Why do people prefer Dan? << THIS<<< I would buy a Phil poster.

aww I didn't know he asked for dan being with him for the radio show that's so sweet

aww I didn't know he asked for dan being with him for the radio show that's so sweet<<ikr phils an angel

COOL LET'S DO THAT <<< I mean... The last two things are OK, as long as not EVERYBODY are asking ALL the time. There has to be a limit guys! If you can keep up with that limit, then I think it's okay to ask!

First rule of Phan club.you don't talk about Phan club! <----- sorry but i really have to ask but what happened to dan's brother?

Haha and it's funny because Phil is generally the more happy, cute one and Dan is a bit darker lol

Its funny, usually Dan's the not so innocent one and Phil's the precious innocent cinnamon roll. But what happened to Phil in Sims?

Another? Phil did you eat a cacti before to see what it tasted like? Silly Philly

phil lester ✧ amazingphil & dan howell ✧ danisnotonfire<< they kissed phan is real

Phil tops ahahahaha

I understand the whole Phil tops thing but seriously. Dan is so much more dominant. He tops >> yeah no sorry you need to go back and check your facts mate phil obviously tops