"Imagine that fan. She probably can't ever talk about anything else ever again." I seriously wouldn't talk again.

He genuinely cares for his fans and appreciates them. Just watch Graham Norton. He ran off stage to hug and kiss a fan because she travelled so far to see him.


Not Sherlock…

Elementary: Season 1 based on the characters by Arthur Conan Doyle, starring Jonny Lee Miller, Lucy Liu, Aidan Quinn and Jon Michael Hall. "A modern take on the cases of Sherlock Holmes, with the detective now living in New York City.

Kindly ask him to wait, close the door, go find a pillow scream into it like a crazy fangirl and then open the door, ready to assist him on a case.

I would hug him in his big black coat, ruffle his hair, and scream "I accept!" But then he'd probably change his mind.

I got: Benedict Cumberbatch! Which Brit Should Narrate Your Life?

Which Brit Should Narrate Your Life?

Benedict Cumberbatch talks about the challenges in incorporating new tec. ( just love watching his long, involved beautifully wordy answers). This man is extremely intelligent. Brainy is the new sexy!

This just pulled up on my Pinterest. It's Ben-pointing-inception!(=

A pick of Ben pointing to a picture of him pointing at himself :)

Stop it.Pinned it to this board because I am in love with nerdy things and nerdy people..... OMG, THIS PICTURE THO

Just Sherly Things- The moment you realize you are falling for your friend --- Sherlock style Oh my what?

Poor baby.

:D Truth. But if you know your seasons well, you'd know that that face doesn't even go with the caption.) But it's still hilarious.

'Do you remember Redbeard?', by simplecontagious (feb 2014)

"Redbeard (BBC Sherlock Fanfiction) - Chapter Bullied" by TheHeartOfADetective - "(Kid!Lock) Bullied by the children at school and his older, smarter brother Mycroft, Sherlock Holmes…" pin now read later