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Newly born Parrot being fed in india.

An Indian parrot hatchling is fed by hand in Dimapur on July after being caught in a forest by a local hunter and offered for sale in the north-eastern Indian state of Nagaland.

Poor little thing...only a mama could love...he will be beautiful soon

Baby cockatoo

cockatoo baby - A face only a mother could love! LOL Sure pretty when they get bigger though!

Tiny newborn parrot is spoon-fed...I remember my grandma let feed a baby bird when I went to see her as a kid in Mexico <3

Tiny newborn parrot is spoon-fed

Teeny: A rarely seen Scarlet-cheeked Fig Parrot chick hatched last week at Prague Zoo in the Czech Republic. The birds are usually found in the forests of north-east New Guinea


Best Buddies, Lovebird and Galah❤️You can see the LOVE on their faces❤️

Squirrel Monkey catches ride on a Parakeet. (Both animals live at a hotel in Colombia.) - Pixdaus

This lazy monkey hitches a ride to the top of a tree -- by sitting on the back of a parrot. The squirrel monkey, which lives with a male and female parrot at a hotel in Colombia, was photographed by Alejandro Jaramillo after it hopped onto the macaw.


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