This print ad uses the image of a mushroom with a slogan and fresh mushroom in it to tell the audience that only fresh produce is in these sauce.

The Print Ad titled Heinz Seriously Good Pasta Sauce: Seriously Fungi was done by DDB Auckland advertising agency for product: Heinz Seriously Good Pasta Sauce (brand: Heinz) in New Zealand.

Integrating fashion and packaging in these lovely shoebox model ads by Jung Von Matt / Limmat for Voegel shoes curated by Packaging Diva PD

Vogele Shoes "Box Models" Print Ads by Jung Von Matt / Limmat The campaign shows models, whose legs protrude from holes in closed shoe boxes.

Campanha para o lançamento de uma nova goma de... - Desafios Photoshop Brasil

Viva Nutrition is a New York based food company that produces food and supplements with real ingredients for children and adults with the focus on the Chinese market.In the last years China has seen one food scandal after the other.

一组盐的广告,高大上!摄影师 Niklas Alm ... 来自非创意不广告 - 微博

一组盐的广告,高大上!摄影师 Niklas Alm ... 来自非创意不广告 - 微博

I like this print ad because the design and color are attractive to eye and I like how the designer combine the flavor with the product.

deda fiorini social media manager italia emilia romagna bologna… Photoshopped fruit to look like tea kettles

Bir pazartesi sabahı uyanmak hiç bu kadar kolay olmamıştı! -Nescafe  #coffeetime #creativeads #monday #morning #kahve #nescafe #coffee

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