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Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again, Naturally....(original version)  I used to know all the words too. Man did I listen to some strange stuff. But I always liked the out of the ordinary...Still do..

Gilbert O'Sullivan - Alone Again (original version) = 2006 enjoy. gilbert o'sullivans alone again in its original form. not that cruddy kareoke version with redubbed crap over the original. this is the real deal LIVE with flutes and all.

Lonely Boy - Paul Anka

Paul Anka singing the 1959 hit 'Lonely Boy' . the girls are screaming like it was Frank Sinatra from the or the Beatles from

Gilbert O'Sullivan - « What's in a kiss » + subtitles (+playlist)

Gilbert O'Sullivan - « What's in a kiss

Yes my musical taste is eclectic. One of my FB friends posted this and I was like "Damn! I'd forgotten how much I love this song!" Just missed them in concert at a super small venue back in 2002 :/ bf at the time said they were amazing. "No Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man that he didn't, didn't already have"  {America: Tin Man}

▶ America - "Tin Man" - America is an English-American folk rock band formed in…

One is the Loneliest Number... Three Dog Night

One is the Loneliest Number. Three Dog Night-Saw them in concert in 72 or 73 at SFA, loved them then and now!

Andy Gibb

1978 release Andy Gibb - Don't Throw it all Away.he sounds so much like Barry Gibb (who wrote this song with Blue Weaver)

George Harrison - Here comes the sun (Subtitulada)

George Harrison - Here comes the sun (Subtitulada) With Pete Ham (Badfinger)

joe cocker - YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL - YouTube-  R.I.P. Joe.  You always sang from your heart and soul.

Loved your music Joe. RIP - Joe Cocker~You Are So Beautiful (Live at Montreux have loved this song for years and this is the first time i have heard ALL the lyrics to it.