Ilya Ibryaev - French patios - watercolor

Ilya Ibryaev 1 painting a day for 5 days - French patios - 5 day I nominate master - Сергей Курбатов

Vladislav Yeliseyev

Artist Vladislav Yeliseyev presents cityscapes watercolor paintings, landscapes, seascapes and more. Contact artist directly to purchase an artwork.

Ilya Ibryaev     - Street in Cannes - watercolor - 53х35 cm

Ilya Ibryaev - Street in Cannes - watercolor - cm (in my opinion its a technique similar to liu yi when he paints urban landscapes)

Vilas Kulkarni                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Vilas Kulkarni Lovely colors in the shadows. That telephone pole has wires coming from everywhere!

John Lovett - Paintings on Behance from Klara Bosze.

Pastel rendering is used to describe the perspective of this illustration through the use of differing hues in order to communicate the ways in which the light hits the building.