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genetics - ectrodactyly

Vintage photo of family suffering from genetic disorder

Thinking back this would have solved so many of my career and relationship problems

Fuck the weak allah. Fuck the all worthless god. Fuck jesus the rapist. Fuck the child molesting pope. Fuck it all!

Old Circus in Newcastle 1910-1930

Elephant ploughing a field. This image comes from a collection of glass slides of fairground scenes found in the stores at Discovery Museum, Newcastle upon Tyne. Image copyright Tyne and Wear Archives & Museums.

Curious History, The Muse brothers were born in Roanoke, Virginia...

The Muse brothers were born in Roanoke, Virginia during the end of the In the pair was kidnapped by bounty hunters working for an unknown sideshow promoter. They were seen as an extremely lucrative attraction, as they were black albinos.

"Kilamba, la città fantasma dell'Angola"  750 palazzine, una dozzina di scuole, un progetto destinato a ospitare mezzo milione di persone: è la Nova cidade de Kilamba, un nuovo centro abitativo a pochi chilometri da Luanda, realizzato dalla società cinese statale Citic (China international trust and investment corporation) in cambio delle concessioni petrolifere nel paese africano. Ma a un anno dall’inaugurazione dell’agglomerato, la Bbc si reca sul posto e lo trova completamente disabitato.

Chinese-Built Ghost Town in Angola Nova Cidade de Kilamba, or simply Kilamba is a large housing development 30 km miles) from Luanda, the capital city of Angola. It is being built by the CITIC Group and is currently largely empty.

Charlotte Linda Vogel was born in Charlottenburg, Berlin, February 26, 1908, the only person in her family with her peculiar skin condition.

Charlotte Linda Vogel - Susi The Elephant Skin Girl ( Freak Show / Side Show / Geek / Vintage Poster / Photography )