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Uh la la land : Photo

Color 💙 Looking straight down as the wave crashes into the sand, the sand swirling underneath making it's own pattern of shades of the ocean.


Mother Earth's very own beaut. The Ocean. The waves inspired print for fabric

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S I M P L E | минимализм как образ жизни

Julia Kostreva (photographer) Sign of the water, being of the insatiable…

Her soul was a roiling, stygian sea, disquieted by the soft cotton haze of light suspended above her. In turbulent pursuit of lustrous contentment, hindered by desire to sink deeper into murky chasms, two waves clashed, sending tentacles of sharp spray to reach for the light, but eliciting only shrill cries from the wind in between.

This is a exquisite picture which feels very free, it shows the water breaking apart from the wave, and i think really is the feel that I want to have for my poster!

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Beautiful blue water, waves and white sand.nothing like a beach!

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The sun radiated from them, the color of pearls was emitted with joy and I all I saw was beauty of process. The process of beauty.