discus fish

Discus - these colorful tropical saltwater wild fish can thrive in a large well kept saltwater aquarium!



awesome Sky Hawk Halfmoon - yes, Bettas are cool!... by http://www.dezdemon-exoticfish.space/aquarium-fish/sky-hawk-halfmoon-yes-bettas-are-cool/

Sky Hawk Halfmoon - yes, Bettas are cool

Sky Hawk Halfmoon betta not under the sea but I'm putting it on this board anyway.

✯ Snakeskin Discus Fish ✯

Tropical Fish Pictures: Snakeskin Discus Fish - My Tropical Fish Secrets and Pictures Gallery of Exotic Ornamental Fish Photos Collection

Arabian Triggerfish  See Over 2000 more animal pictures on my Facebook "Animals Are Awesome" page. animals wildlife pictures nature fish birds photography

Arabian Picasso triggerfish (Rhinecanthus assasi), the Red Sea, Egypt…

Summary: A sight of an Aquarium with all the colorful fishes is a sight to behold. People are swooned with the entire spectacle of an Aqua where glamorous fishes are kept as pets. Now, with internet, you can also buy tropical fish online.

Parrot fish, if you keep one in an aquarium be warned they eat corral and everything on it..

*QUEEN ANGELFISH ~ is an angelfish commonly found near reefs in the warmer sections of the western Atlantic Ocean. Other common names include blue angelfish, golden angelfish, queen angel, and yellow angelfish.

"The King of the Aquarium" So excited about getting these guys!... - Exotic Fish

Known as the "King of the Aquarium" Discus fish rival marine fish when it comes to beauty, shape and colour.