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Alessandra Coscino on

Eyes on the Prize, Head in the Clouds

collage made using newspapers and other old materials - perfect for our concept. look into old technology manuals and such Más

Parcours ou Boulevard by Primata

30 Pieces of Abstract Collage Art with Hilarious Results

Gertrude would have chosen this scholarly article because it would help her understand the true meaning of marriage. It relates to her because she is greedy with power and marriage to keep her title.

This picture focuses on greed and desire of money. I like the visual metaphoric imagery of creating her lover's figure out of money. This implies that all she see's him for is his money.

netherland / David van Alphen    art / design / collage / illustration / graphic design / rainbow / vintage / retro /

Netherland’s solo show that opens tomorrow night at Gallery San Francisco. {It runs from August ~ weird but i love it

Artist unknown: I love this because its all pieces that seem so real and they use other pictures to create a whole picture

merve özaslan (The Jealous Curator)

This series of collages, titled “Natural Act” is the work of Istanbul artist Merve Özaslan. What a fun, gorgeous reminder that all of us, even the big city dwellers, are in fact part of nature!