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miley cyrus fav-celebs

miley cyrus love this outfit

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus bangs please!

they should be couple of the year

Miley Cyrus Spends the Weekend With Liam and Chris Hemsworth

~Liam Hemsworth escorted Miley Cyrus on a shopping trip. Image Source: Pacific Coast News Online~

90+ Ideas Workout Outfit Style from Celebrities https://fasbest.com/90-ideas-workout-outfit-style-from-celebrities/

90+ Ideas Workout Outfit Style from Celebrities

Miley Cyrus - fit miss

She was so pretty... What happened...

nn diko nulla,kn le parole d sikuro nn s fa nulla

my girl miley.

Miley rocks the house always!

#mileycyrus killing it as usual. Her fashion nowadays, their so much more cooler and now she's one of my fashion insparations <3

her long hair is always amazing, but i do I kinda like it without extensions!

I had to include this, because it has all the workings of a future classic. This will be printed in magazines in the future, as a look back at Miley. Love it.

Miley Cyrus Layered Beaded Necklace

Beatles shirt, Miley Cyrus (she was way cuter before she shaved her head)

Miley Cyrus's bod. and HER OLDDDD HAIR! i dont know why she would chop off all her hair right before her wedding!

the old Miley Cyrus - "A much more appealing young woman.

miley cyrus image

miley cyrus image

Miley Cyrus Fashion

I discovered this on Dillard’s website

Miley Cyrus

Art miley, miley cyrus, sexy idol-in

I hate Miley Cyrus but she looks really pretty in this dress, I have to admit

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Miley Cyrus lookin like a young lady! She looks gorgeous! Stay with this look Miley, much better! :) she look really pretty. Don't like the color of dress. But love this pic of Miley

Shorts with great up boots and crop top, also like a flannel tied around the waist

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Miley Cyrus has great style. White crop top with white high waisted denim shorts, plaid top and combat boots.

Miley Cyrus, lot of people don't like her, but she's got her own poise, that makes her admirable

Miley Cyrus Marie Claire, March Loved her hair color here.

i just like her outfit & her arm candy.....

Miley Cyrus style before