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Seahorse love, they hold tails with their mate when they sleep! Most types of seahorses pair for life. Female seahorses lay their eggs inside a pouch on the male seahorse’s belly. When the babies are ready to hatch, the male holds onto a piece of seaweed with his tail and rocks back and forth until the babies pop out of his pouch

Seahorse couple by Noam Kortler - I just learned that seahorses mate for life.

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Sea Horses in Love: Sea Horses are monogamous life mates and travel holding each other’s tails. They protect one to the other and go together in the current of the sea and in the stream of time.

"Sea Toad" Angelfish; a deep sea dweller

Last week, the IUCN 2009 Seamount expedition ended, with scientists sampling two final seamounts in the Indian Ocean. Caught at was this deep-sea anglerfish, also known as a seatoad. Sarah Gotheil From BBC news

Lessons In Love From The Seahorse

rhamphotheca: “ Monogamous Animals: Sea Horses Scientists have studied only a handful of species of seahorses (genus Hippocampus), but all of them appear to practice some form of monogamy. After her eggs are fertilized, a female seahorse passes them.

On dry land, most organisms are confined to the surface, or at most to altitudes of a hundred metersthe height of the tallest trees. In the oceans, though, living space has both vertical and horizonta

Have you ever seen a googly-eyed glass squid, aka Teuthowenia pellucida? A vampire squid ? A glowing sucker octopus?

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♒ ĊṜƹคŤʊṜƹ§ ᎧŦ Ťђє §ƹค ♒ <º))))>< ~ Beautiful sea horse. They mate for life and enact a daily courtship ritual involving dancing and changing colours. The male becomes pregnant!

Pastel Jellyfish

Pretty Jellyfish Art Installation At The National Aquarium, In Baltimore, Maryland. Jelly Swarm Invades Pier Photo by Baking Betty