Bat helmet

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i REALLY want to be this guy for halloween!!!!

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Dystopian futuristic hooded suit in red

Desucon, Lahti, Finland Kasumi Goto - ~jesmoth Photo and edit - *YumiKoyuki aka me Mass Effect © Bioware The costume is hand made by the . Mass Effect - The Master Thief

Drachenfest… Chaos, Orcs and Battles! – Mordor ~ The Land of Shadow

Wow, this is the best orc cosplay I have ever seen. This would have taken a long time to get into.

Sheila as Karliah (Nightingale Armor) from the Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Stunning photos by I'm going to try and make this description without any arrow in . Karliah Cosplay - Shadows Preserve You

Shea! I like the top of this vest thing!

I love this female Winter soldier cosplay!Cool Cosplay: Superman, Winter Soldier, And More!