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Viking boots

This is a pic of my new shoes (or one of them anyway). Like my previous shoes they are based on a York and Hedeby finds. New viking shoes

Villes VinterSkrud!

Winter Viking by *VendelRus on deviantART -- This gentleman and his good wife are re-enactors. The pictures of his daughter in her garb are especially cute. Emile likes the hood

Reenactment Viking Boots

Reenactment Viking Boots

Product Code New and Improved cheaper cost better price That s right we have been looking to source Reenactment Viking Boots in mass

medieval shoes - Google Search

Our Medieval Low Shoes have a leather upper construction with sturdy rubber soles.

Viking 10th century (reproduction)

Liens et généralités Most shoes were ankle height, although there are a few examples of higher boots. Shoes typically were simple affairs made using the turnsol

Polish website for historic accurately made viking shoes. https://alehorn.com:

Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Polish website for historic accurately made viking shoes, and other reenactment…

viking high tops

High Viking Boots - probably not accurate, but might work as covers over my tromping boots! As much as I love turnshoes, I need the compression on those hikes up the hill.