Mass Marketing vs One-to-One Personalization [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mass Marketing Versus Personalization Now the time to shed the one-size-fits-all marketing strategy and focus on the individual consumer Monetate Marketing Infographics // //

We're not fans of being called "public relations hacks" - but this infographic has some good food for thought about "marketing vs. manipulation" and the value of SEO (which, for the record, we believe in, too!)

SEO Book > Infographic> The Difference Between Marketing & Manipulation. Is SEO Anywhere Near As Bad As "Normal" Marketing?

landing page optimization by the numbers: which page elements show significant impact #leadgeneration #seo #ecommerce

Unbounce tips and survey data on business use of landing pages. Among the findings illustrated: of companies have problems finding the expertise to optimize the copy on their landing pages.

Social Media for Non Profits

How the Top 50 Nonprofits do Social Media - The full infographic from Craig Newmark and the CraigConnects team courtesy of