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Banksy @ Simpsons HD - YouTube

This is a short video mocking the Simpsons. But it is hilarious.

color tones, light levels - dense, eclectic and kitcsh - nightclub 1960s - 75

color tones, light levels - dense, eclectic and kitcsh - nightclub - 75

Property of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Cigarette factory from Southpark. Rewind toward the last minute of the clip when they start singing.

South Park - Cigarettes All Hidey Lidey Day

Jupiter ascending

Dinner with Titus - Titus Abrasax's (Douglas Booth) dinner with Jupiter (Mila Kunis) in his chamber as it appears in the final film. - Jupiter Ascending – Official Look Book




wild animal act - atricia Bourne training lions to stand on their hind legs in the annual Bertram Mills Circus at Olympia, London, Credit: Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

Paper vs. paperless--this is AWESOME and the French accent makes it even better. Only 39 seconds long.

The Paperless Future - 'Emma'

Ipad vs Paper Funny Commercial Ad - Must Watch - Funny Commercials Compilation 2013 30 Most Interesting Ads Funny ads

Santas workshop

An Interactive Image by Sussie Forselius


70 minute live set at Boiler Room, Amsterdam by richie hawtin

Love this photo of Brisbane nightclubbing in the 1960s. There's another great one with a Qantas poster advertising airfares to London for $390  :)    Photo: Ron and Elizabeth Morrison

Night-clubbing in the Sixties

tea manufacturing process, old factory

tea manufacturing process, old factory

Quakecon pins exclusive Doom reveal for July 17 -  Quakecon attendees will get an exclusive first look at the new Doom when it's debuted at the Dallas convention on July 17. Then, through the power of smartphones, everyone else

Movie bosses are hoping it will be a blockbuster movie franchise in the mould of Twilight. And they are continuing to ratchet up the hype for The Hunger Games, with a new trailer giving further insight into how the popular book series is being adapted.

google playful

google playful

Jean Depara, Les nuits de Kinshasa

Jean Depara

Four Dancers and Charles de Gaulle_Jean Depara, from his series 'Night in