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Remember to live

Remember to live

SO DOPE especially if this was in black and white. Great lion tattoo idea

It's a hippy lion! I will get a lion tattoo one day! This is a different take at a lion, but I like it.

Led Zeppelin Album Artwork & Quote Tattoo | Joel David McClure | Tough Love Studio | "Then As It Was, Then Again It Will Be, An' Though the Course May Change Sometimes, Rivers Always Reach the Sea" - Led Zeppelin Quote, Ten Years Gone

Joel McClure is the owner of Tough Love Studio, custom tattoo studio and art gallery founded in Minneapolis In fall of Joel relocated to Sweden.

30 Sensational Short Tattoo Quotes | CreativeFan

Short tattoo quotes are quite popular among the men and women due to the ease with which they can be carved and the nice display they possess.

Saying.... different font

"fluctuat nec mergitur" There are many different meanings for this. she is tossed by the waves, but does not sink. It floats and doesn't sink. He who rises with the wave is not swallowed by it.

I wouldn't want this but I like it. Hunger Games tattoo "real."

A gallery of Hunger Games tattoos based off of the popular movies and series of books.


Awesome owl tattoo design - would prefer it without the heart locket and key tho and the swirly bits